Every SCULPT is custom made to meet your requirements!

As SCULPT castings are individually designed and hand made, you can have yours however you want it. We have a huge range of frames, mount colors to choose from, so the options are endless.
We offer you a variety of durable finishes for your SCULPT. You can chose from Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Fine Silver, Pearly White, and Antique Bronze suiting your loved one’s favorite color or complementing your room’s interiors.

Baby Sculpt

Our most popular SCULPT is 1 hands, 1 foot with picture. Whether you have an infant, a baby or a toddler, we are highly equipped to make their hands and feet casts in different finishes.

Couple Sculpt

SCULPT is a perfect gift for a husband and wife to remember their wedding day and can be framed with a photo of their special day. Couple SCULPTs are also a great gift for milestone wedding anniversaries or engagements- Give a gift that is unique and will last a lifetime!

Sibling Sculpt

If you have got more than one child or didn’t get your first child’s SCULPT made and feel bad about getting only the new baby’s made – you don’t have to. As our products are custom made, we can make the frames to fit all of your children with an inspirational quote that is meaningful to your family.

Family Sculpt

SCULPT was not around when you started your family? No worries! We have options in family castings where you can include your mum and dad’s hands also. Having all of the family’s hands framed together displayed proudly in the living room is a great thing to have especially when the grandparents live in different cities.

Ashirvaad Sculpt

Show your reverence towards your enlightened Gurus and respected grandparents by SCULPTing their hands or feet to preserve their ashirvaad with you forever. They are the ones who guide you to the right path, they deserve to be with you forever.

Pet Paw Sculpt

We love our pets and from the moment their paddy paws step foot into our homes, we know that they are a part of our family. That is why we have a special SCULPTing service that is dedicated to the furry babies! From Pugs to Beagle to Labs, we are equipped to make their paddy paws into a unique sculpture.

Memorial Sculpt

Being able to hold an exact replica of your loved one’s hand, long after they are gone can provide comfort and closure to many. In the sad event of a family losing a love one, we do offer Memorial Sculpting. We provide a respectful service and will be completely reverent towards to your wishes and privacy at such a saddening time.