What is SCULPT?

We at SCULPT deal in a unique art form where we make hi definition 3D sculptures of hands and feet of babies, adults and pet paws. We then present them in bespoke hardwood box frames . Unlike the casting kits, we do all the work for you with guaranteed results every time.

How old does my child/baby have to be to have a SCULPT made?

As young as a day old to any age at all. Ideally 2 weeks and up as hands & feet are already formed and clear. Keep in mind babies grow up so quick, so the smaller they are the cuter their SCULPT look.

How is SCULPT made?

We mix the molding jelly then pour it into a container. Your baby/child will have their hand or foot dipped into this container filled with the jelly which then becomes firm (but flexible). You will be able to hold your baby during the entire process. After about 30-40 secs the hand/foot can easily slide out clean.

Once we have taken the mold, you and your baby are free. There are five further stages to be carried out before your baby’s SCULPT is ready.

What material do you use and is it safe to use on babies?

The moulding jelly is non toxic, organic, biodegradable and absolutely safe for your baby’s soft skin. Our brand of jelly is imported from Italy and is specially formulated to create amazingly detailed high quality body cast. For casting we use high quality stone.

What if my baby won't stop wriggling, will it ruin the cast?

It is advised that the baby be asleep during the process. However, when we are making the mold the baby is able to move and wriggle for a short time until the product starts to set. We create an exact replica of your baby’s hands and feet. If we feel that the baby wriggled too much and the mold is not successfully made, we would have another session with you!

When will my SCULPT be ready?

We take approximately 3-5 weeks to deliver your SCULPT. If you need your’s sooner please inform us, it may be possible to arrange for them to be ‘fast tracked’ depending on the work load, with additional fees.

What frame choices do you have?

We have a wide range of high quality solid wooden imported box frames which are great viewed from any angle. We custom make them suiting your requirements.

When do i pay for my SCULPT?

We take 50% of the payment at the time of the casting session and the balance 50% at the time we deliver your SCULPT.

Where do we go to get a SCULPT made?

Our studio is based out of Mumbai suburbs. However, to make it convenient for you and your loved ones we travel to your home or even hospital for newly borns and ailing parents. Please click on the contact button and we will get back to you.

Can you really make my pet's paws' SCULPT?

Yes, for most dogs. You will need to consider your pet’s temperament and decide if he/she will cooperate. We at SCULPT are absolute pet lovers and animal friendly. We try our best to keep your pet calm and distracted during the mold making process which lasts not more than 30 secs for each paw. Sweet-talk, hugging and distracting with treats by you often works best.

What is Memorial SCULPT?

Memorial SCULPT involves us making the SCULPT of the hands of a recently deceased. Having a SCULPT of a loved one who just passed away is like having a piece of them with you. Being highly mindful of the delicate nature of such commissions we offer it at a discounted rate.