Actor, Singer, Dancer, Entrepreneur.

A well known name in her industry not only for her acting prowess but also her dedication towards her craft, her creativity and her versatility, thus inspiring many, Dadasaheb Phalke Award winner Mitaali Nag is the heart behind SCULPT We say heart not brains because what she creates through SCULPT is something that touches your heart and will be a precious heirloom that your family will treasure for generations to come.

Mitaali credits her 6 months old son for her entrepreneurial venture. “The first time I held my Chocolate Eyed Boy Rudranssh’s tiny hands and feet, the first time he wrapped his little hands around my fingers, I wished to freeze that moment. I searched the internet and discovered three dimensional life casting, tried and wasted too many DIY kits until I got the perfect sculpture of my little one’s hands and feet. The instant passion I developed for the art made me get myself trained from a professional casting artist from the US. My little boy was my all-time-available model to practice and polish my art.”, says Mitaali.

From start to finish Mitaali herself makes the mold and the cast for each of her clients with utmost care, incredible attention to detail, lots of love and a little bit of magic! No wonder each SCULPT goes on to become a masterpiece.


When it comes to creating memories of your newborn baby, your whole family, your learned Guru or your dearly beloved pet, we know that you will only want the best. SCULPT by Mitaali Nag is the go-to place. We at SCULPT by Mitaali Nag help you give your memories life and keep them treasured forever in the form of three dimensional life casts.

Life casting is a process of creating a 3D replica of the human body through the use of highly skilled molding and casting techniques. We at SCULPT by Mitaali Nag create one-of-a-kind sculpture of the hands and feet of your babies, parents, gurus and even pets. The outstanding features of these sculptures are their high level of realism and detail as small as fingerprints, creases, and even lines that define life and one’s unique history. We give these sculptures a finish of your choice and make them into bespoke frames for you to treasure them lifetime. These thoughtfully framed 3D sculptures make an exceptionally personal, unique and thoughtful gift, for which you would not only be appreciated and thanked but also given a special place in their heart for your thoughtfulness.
Through SCULPT you make gifts a lifetime experience!!!

Each SCULPT is unique, and it is a form of art and not a manufacturing process. Each piece is made and finished by hands. A great deal of care is taken to ensure that your SCULPT is as delightful to u as it is to us.

Why choose Sculpt?


Affordable Luxury

In spite of using the best material and top skills, our prices are so competition, that we make sculpting affordable.


Peace of Mind

Unlike casting kits we do all the work for u and make each piece unique, giving you peace of mind!


The Go-To SCULPTist

You get your SCULPTs made from a fully trained, friendly and patient SCULPTist.


Bespoke Frames

We use bespoke deep box mount frames. Therefore your SCULPTs live longer and still look beautiful on your wall for ages!


Unique Pieces of Art

We are open to new ideas. So even if you want to get something done that's never done before, we'll do it for you. We strive to make every SCULPT a unique piece of art!


Woman Empowerment

As the name indicates, SCULPT by Mitaali Nag is a venture ran by a woman. Therefore, when you work with us, you support a woman owned art enterprise.